At TnT Honey we believe in having a sustainable healthy outlook on life for both ourselves and the environments of our bees. In doing so, we proudly supply rich quality and most delectable raw honey from the Western Cape while at the same time raise awareness for our dear bees and their importance in the world. 

You can help #Adopt a Beehive at a once-off price and receive,

quarterly colony health reports, newsletters, gifting certificate and

12 months supply of TnT Honey.

Once a Beehive has been adopted we manufacture the hive enclosure & use catch boxes to attract bees and spit colony in spring time to ensure we have health queens for all our beehive. The newly manufactured hives will be  housed on a farm in Stellenbosch & two farms along the West Coast.



TnT Honey is harvested from local areas within the Western Cape.

The honey is spun from the frames into large stainless steel drums  and gravity flown into jars to ensure it remains in its natural form.

No heating, no straining, no irradiation and no other chemical processes involved.

TnT Honey is 100% raw and  full of local pollen, amino acids, vitamins,minerals, enzymes & propolis to name a few.


Raw Unheated Cape Honey

1kg Glass Jar 

500g Glass Jar 

Beeswax & Honey 10ml Lip Balm 

Ingredients: Coconut oil& Avocado oil, TnT Honey, TnT Beeswax & essential oil

Fynbos and Mint

Multi-flora and Orange 


30g bar

1kg block




Where to find us!!

Call: 0788262621/0829299755

Free Delivery Southern Suburbs, Cape Town, South Africa.